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Writing prompt: what would have happened if...

Posted: 4/5/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , ,

This is a little experiment. The prompt was for the first line, “what would have happened if he skipped breakfast, just once?” But instead I thought this would be fun, make the prompt the last line. I hope you enjoy!

What if

“I won a million dollars,” he shouted waving the lotto ticket in the air. His smile so big the bystanders on the other side of the street can see the glimmer off his teeth. David jumped up and down like a mad man. He couldn’t believe he won, he never won anything. And in fact he didn’t, because just before he neglected to tip the cabbie.

Really though, the cabbie didn’t need to be tipped. All he did was his job. Taking David from point A to point B. The cabbie shouted as the bike messengers zoomed by the parking lot of New York. David tapped his fingers on the door handle as he waited and wished he had a bike. It was firmly planted in his mind that there was no reason to tip the cabbie, if only he knew. Though, he wouldn’t be in the cab if it wasn’t for the man who ran into him in the subway.

“David, how the hell are you?”

“A little crunched on time,” David looked at his watch. He could still make it to work on foot if he stepped up his pace a bit.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Bev, my wife, she just had our beautiful…” he trailed. David looked at his watch. Time ticked by as he stood politely and listened, obviously not a native. “To make a long story short, there was a fire. The dog died.”

“Man, I’m sorry. Hey, we’ll catch up soon. I’ve got to grab a cab.” David spouted as he took the steps to fresh air two at a time.

That of course, was the conversation he would have had if it weren’t for the fact that he missed the first train. He stood there cursing as the doors slid shut, an outward mockery of his tardiness, for all to see. Something nagged at him, as he stood, pacing amongst the other waiting passengers. He would not be in this situation if his wife wasn’t so hell bent on him having breakfast. She argued with him for so long, he skipped it and left angry.

Though, David is a good husband. He didn’t deviate from his routine. He got up kissed his wife. Ate her beautiful meal, and left for work on time. If only he knew what would have happened if he skipped breakfast, just once.

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