"At times I think my coffee and tea addictions truly drive my artistic energy. It’s a small sacrifice for the greater good."

Style Tray

Posted: 4/4/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

Being an artist both fine and commercial I find artwork everywhere. One of my best resources though, I have to admit, is my camera and a good roll of film. Since culture has pushed the idea of local everything. Which I'm not downing because face it local+money=A strong town. However, I think local art can be cheesy. When you find artwork that is both affordable and good, it's like a gold mine. I've known of many artist over the years that have one or two locals that snatch up all of their artwork.

In talking with some gallery owners I've been told that you buy art because it 'moves' you. You enjoy it because it 'speaks' to you. In the same way our homes are that way, though if your home is really talking to you you might need a good doctor.

With that said, art in the home. Do you buy art for your home with the express idea of where you will put it? Or do you buy art because it fits your lifestyle? I myself don't buy art as I usually make it for my home. But still in the same aspect I see a wall, the attitude of the wall and paint/photograph what I consider the best piece for that space. For me then, the space speaks to me and I fill it.

Artwork on the walls is a unique situation as artwork for the masses is usually so commercialized that the meaning you are trying to convey in the space is often lost in translation so to speak. However, if you are looking for some great one of a kind artwork you should spot it here at Etsy Art.