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Twitter Prompt: Stripes

Posted: 3/10/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , , ,

This is a belated twitter prompt from not_a_zartac via twitter. I actually took two of her prompts stripes and tie and merged them in. I do love writing from a prompt.


He looks down at his tie. The alternating pink and grey stripes make him sick. Letting out a sigh he blinks at himself in the mirror. His lip curls in disgust. Admittedly he looks good, the suit hangs perfectly. But it’s not him. “Do you like it?” Maria asks from the other room. He takes a deep breath before answering.

“It’s great.” He replies thinking how it would stand up to a weekend trek up the mountain. If the delicate stitching would handle the constant barrage of bushes snagging at him as he blazes through an unknown path. “Who is it?”

“Dolce, babe,” she says. He nods, no clue what that meant. “Wear the black loafers will you?” Turning to see they are already set out for him. He is a kept man and not sure what to think.

He wonders if these shoes are any more comfortable than his mountain boots. They aren’t.

Walking out he meets his wife, his beautiful, soft, delicate wife. She is why he wears a suite which he could care less about the label. Why he wears shoes she picks, all because of her softness. He stands up strait, puffing out his chest flaunting the last bit of masculinity he has. Her hand lifts to her mouth as she giggles. “My Superman.” She says.

He’ll never admit she is his kryptonite.

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