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Essay: family antics

Posted: 1/23/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , ,

I've been working hard on my Novel this week hence no updates. I have several prompts to catch up on next week. I have not forgotten about you twitter prompts! I did however, want to post this bit of fiction, bit of reality, bit of history that inspired me. The prompt came from WritingFix.com Don't forget to follow me on Twitter if you like my writing or even just my antics. :D Enjoy!

Family Antics

There were noises coming from the next room. Jessica looked at me, her blonde hair bouncing as her head swiveled towards me. We heard footsteps running down the hall and we both knew something was going on. She opened her bedroom door where we see my brother Michael trying to sneak into her brother Jason’s room. He paused, looked at us, looked down the hall and back to us. “You can’t tell anyone.” He said as his eyes narrowed. I looked at Jessica and smiled, I knew this was going to be fun.

“Promise,” we said in unison. He motioned for us to follow. We creped down the short hallway; our footsteps masked by the carpet below. Michael looked back and forth making sure that there were no parents around. I was in awe; my older brother was including me in one of his escapades. There, at the age of twelve I knew this was going to be brilliant, or extremely stupid. He slid behind the door, his hand held up for us to wait. Eventually it motioned for us to follow and follow we did.

“We have to get this mattress out the window.” Michael said as he opened the standard size, 60’s home window. Jessica and I looked at each other confused but unquestioning as we headed to the end of the twin bed. Stripped of all the garments it was naked and awkward, springs poked upward as we angled it towards the window. Jonathan, Jessica’s other brother popped up just outside. Michael grinned, “where’s Barbara?”

“She’s in the garage,” Jonathan looked all around making sure the coast was clear. “She won’t be there for long. She’s folding.” Michael turned to Jessica and me then motioned for us to push. The old used mattress folded easily in half as we pushed it through the window. It snagged midway through. Michael panicked as he heard the garage door slam shut. Barbra was in the house.

“Jeannie, you need to keep her out.” I shook my head; this was not in the contract. I was not the patsy. “Do it, trust me.” The famous words that every child hears before something terrible is about to happen. I nodded my head and snuck out the door.

“Barbara, I’m hungry.” I said in hopes she would stay in the kitchen while my brother and Jessica got the mattress through the window.

“Would you like me to make you a sandwich,” Jessica’s mom said as I stood blocking her way out. I nodded once more and she started to pull seemingly random items from the cupboards. I heard a bang from the backroom; looked back hoping that was the last of it. Barbara paused, shook her head and continued with the knife. I saw Jessica’s head pop out of the last bedroom door on the left. Her hand waved vigorously to get my attention. My eyes shifted and she mouthed the words ‘come on’. I nodded my head in acknowledgment.

“On second thought, maybe I should wait until dinner.” I said as I run out of the kitchen not waiting for her response.

“Jeannie you will not believe what’s about to happen.” Jessica spouted as excited as a puppy waiting for a new owner. Michael stood outside the window as we closed the door behind us.

“Come on. Out the window if you want to watch.” He said as we jumped up on the desk. It was positioned perfectly for us to hop out. There in the expansive back yard were three twin mattresses on top of each other. I looked at Jessica, she looked at me and we both looked up. Jason--her oldest brother--sat on a bike; on the roof. I was right. This was going to brilliant.

© 2010 Jeannie Hart

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