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Writing Prompt: If he was any hungrier, he might have eaten her cat.

Posted: 1/7/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , ,

This prompt was tweeted to me by not_a_zatarc Seriously guys I love you for tweeting me prompts. Follow me on twitter and tweet prompts at me. See what I come up with your 142 character limit. Now on with the prompt!

"What do you think about this one?" She asked while holding up a red, obviously form fitting dress. He smiled, half crooked with bad thoughts running through his head. "You right, it doesn't say 'I am a sophisticated artist' it's more of a date night dress." She walks back into the bedroom making comments to herself that are only distinguishable to her. He looks down at his watch and rolls his eyes. His head hits the back of the couch. A black sleek cat with copper eyes stare up at him as it thrashes its tail. "What do you think of just a black outfit? Would that be better?" She yells from the bedroom.

"Does it really matter? I mean the only people you are going to see you already know." His wrist high in the air as he looks at the watch once more, it has now been three hours.

"You’re right; I need to wear something none of them have seen!" His hand runs down his face as he realized what he just did. He allowed her the opportunity to go back into her closet. A large sigh is exhaled as his head turns to the cat that sits next to him.

"I bet you see way to much don't you." He says softly towards the cat. The cat’s ears slick back as if to say, 'you have no idea'. "Yeah I figured."

"It will be just a few more minutes I promise." Her voice rang out. He nodded as if she could see him and then looked at his belly.

"It will be okay; she said it would be just a few more minutes." He patted his gurgling gut. "I know the last thing you ate was a cereal bar this morning. But you can make it. I have faith that you will make it." His gut growled in argument. The cat’s head cocked as the curious noise came from the belly. "Seriously, no back talking," he shook his finger at it as if it were a child that needed a stern talking to. It just growled louder in protest.

"How’s this?" She said as she waltzed through the doorway showing off the outfit picked for the night. His eyes widened as he knew that his words had to be chosen perfectly otherwise food might never enter his stomach.

"My god, you are beautiful!" He stood up and took her hand leading her towards the door. "Let's get to the restaurant. Lord knows if I were any hungrier, I might have eaten your cat."

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