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Red Room Contest: Bakersfield Dragons

Posted: 10/21/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

I've just submitted a story for this week's Red Room contest. The prompt is "time I won". Here's an excerpt, read the full story on redroom.com

Bakersfield Dragons

The Chinese restaurant danced with life as my classmates filled the room. We laughed as the candles flickered from the center table. Flames illuminated shadows on the rich red and fake gold walls. Dark figures cavorted with overlooking dragons as we finished our meal. It was the last time the senior art class would meet like this, carefree and uninhibited with our artistic styles.

Our teacher stood, his gray goatee trimmed perfectly. Even in this dimly lit buffet room, his aura glimmered. A glow mixed from equal parts love, pride, and melancholy. He spoke of his years of being a teacher. How this mix of students could be the best class he'd ever had.

The full story.