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NaNoWriMo 10210: "Secret"

Posted: 10/20/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , , , ,

     "Momma, I have a secret.” The girl’s curls bounced as her head bobbed back and forth. Blonde pig tails made her head look abnormally square. “But no one can know,” she said.
     “Sweetie, you can tell me. I promise not to say a word to anyone.” Her mother looked down at her blue eyed daughter, a color so rich even the ocean’s depth could not compare.
     The little girl started to sway back and forth as a devious smile crossed her face. Her pink dress swished softly as her hand caressed the hemline. “I don’t know mama.” She said. She shrugged her shoulders and bit her bottom lip. The dress moved upward as she shrugged exposing soft white knees, a porcelain doll with skin practically crafted to perfection.
     Her mother kneeled down, scrunched her nose and brushed it against her daughter’s. She smelled like clean skin and powder which made her mother grin for raising such a perfect replica of herself.
     “You can tell me anything baby.” Her mom said with conviction.
     She looked around and gestured for her mother to come in close. Those brilliant blue eyes twinkled as her mother moved in. The little girl cupped her hand around her mom’s ear, ready to impart her secret through a hushed whisper which tickled her mother’s skin.
     She grinned as her breath pushed through her dainty vocal cords, “It wasn’t the dog.”

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