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Style Tray

Posted: 4/6/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

I got some great news yesterday. I was approved as a participant in the International Sketchbook Project. Basically it is an art project that involves 50 artists from around the world. Each artist gets 4 pages in a sketchbook and then sends it on to the next artist on the list. I can’t wait to do it! Right now I’m the 12th person on the list. Once I’m done I get to send it to Korea. Words do not describe how I feel right now. However, I digress and onward to apartment goodness we go.

Last night I spent most of the evening packing boxes. It was a harsh reality when I took down the curtains that even though I am moving on Saturday I will still be in this apartment for another two weeks. Really, that is the downfall of living in an apartment. When you do move, you have to clean the apartment, fill nail holes, and shampoo carpet in order to get most of your security deposit back. And since we are in an economy that is, how shall I say, not the greatest, a security deposit is like free money coming to you. My deposits total almost $1600 and I hope that most of it comes back. I’ve been good to my apartment; most apartment lovers are good to their homes. After all my security deposits equal more than my tax returns combined.

Having paid my apartment’s rent for two weeks after I move out. I’m trying to figure out the best possible way to go about cleaning it. If I had a little bit more money allocated to the move, I would hire someone to clean it, working full time and volunteering leaves very little time or energy to clean two apartments. However, I think I’m going to do the room by room method. Fix, patch, and clean each room until it’s done, hoping that I get through it in time to have my rent prorated for the last week. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But what are your ideas? Do you have a way to clean an apartment that is efficient? Let me know in the comments below!