"At times I think my coffee and tea addictions truly drive my artistic energy. It’s a small sacrifice for the greater good."

Thankful Thursday

Posted: 9/23/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

Thankful Thursday by way of a list
  1. A job
    I'm very thankful that I have a job that supports my writing addiction, art addiction, and book lusting. It's important to keep that in the forefront.
  2. My Nick
    A writing mentor of awesome, even though he's since moved to another city I have nothing but good thoughts for him and his family.
  3. My Morgan
    Every time I get all hate'n on my life I remember her and how close San Francisco actually is. Then I remember my stay here is only temporary and soon there will be karaoke made of win.
  4. That I think in 3D
    Our engineer made the comment that he had a hard time seeing if something would work because he thinks in 2D. As a writer and artist, I always think in 3D. I'm thankful that I can do this. I don't screw up on Technical Drawings nearly as much. When writing I can fully visualize scenes and see how my characters can interact within the space.
  5. Headphones
    Starbucks is distracting. People coming in and out, music that's played either too loud or too soft. It all makes for distraction. Headphones bless the inventor, allows me to sit in a room of people and be completely isolated at the same time. It's bliss.