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Style Tray

Posted: 4/1/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

I’m still debating on whether to do the deep treatment in my Apartment Therapy or to do the one room treatment. My apartment is pretty much the way I want it except for my dinning and kitchen room. I still have the weekend to decide but I thought I would go ahead and find some images that I liked for dining rooms.

I really like this image, even though it’s not of a dining room it consist of colors I love. This is really the colors of my living room which is directly across from my dining room. I particularly love the way the warmth of the red vibrates so clearly with the coolness coming through the window. I have very little light coming into my home through my windows. To see how well this can work is music to my ears.

The second is well perfection in a restaurant inspired picture. I really like this. The main element that I like is the tables. I love black tables. My room is kind of a beige color so I can really see a dark table and chairs in my room. Right now I have maps covering a part of the wall to add more color (blue) and a bit more interesting flair. I really like the large palm tree in this picture. A palm tree would look so great in my room, though I don’t think there is enough light to support healthy growth. And I’m all about healthy growth.

This image is of the Rainforest Café. While I don’t want my dining room to look like this, the feeling of the Rainforest Café is what I want. The lighting there is spectacular, calming and relaxing. However, I think that most of all its entirely natural, and I like that. I think the more plants I bring into this area will definitely get me into that natural state of relaxation much quicker than if my walls were ‘just painted’. I’m noticing too that I’m a 3D person. Flat walls and a table just won’t do it for me. I love all the textures at the Rainforest Café.