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Style Tray: the first

Posted: 4/1/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

Over the next month you will be seeing some odd posts. Basically I’m merging another blog which I’ve let fall to the wayside, into this one. Posts with the title Style Tray are from this other blog. I’ve taken the best of from that blog and will be posting those throughout the month. This post was taken from the blog almost a year ago when I moved into my new apartment.

home decor on a cloudy day

Today I sat and basked in the on again off again sunshine, which is, so very not like California. I realized that my apartment, even though messy, and really I’m still living out of boxes, this apartment, is mine. Every so often it’s important that we do this. It’s important that we sit back and realize how much we love our home. It might be a cracker box of four walls or an honest to god real house with three or more bedrooms. In any case we need to show our appreciation for our home. Let’s face it if we own or rent, it’s a fact that we may take for granted—we actually have a roof over our head. With the economy the way it is, we should all take a moment to soak it all in. Go ahead and take that contented sigh of relief.

I truly believe the amount of effort we take in making our home a safe haven, for our journey’s end will reflect in the amount of solace we take, while sitting on the sofa. Do we take time to listen to anything other than the low hum of the accoutrements that dawn our surroundings? Can we sit and read a book, drifting in and out of sleep on a leisurely afternoon as if we were on vacation? Or instead, do we come home plop everything at the front door and flick on the television. Is that really what our home should do? Inspire us to be listless?

It might be that I’m one for a recentralizing to the one place we can find respite. Maybe by finding our homes as a place of calm we can move forward into a place inspiration. Who knows, inspiration may strike as we are sitting quietly in the sun waiting for our apartment to really feel like home.

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