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Space Goats

Posted: 12/22/09 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , ,

You can thank Daniel for this prompt. I thought a brief dialog creation would be awesome for this prompt.

Space Goats
"Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic."

"Seriously Steve, quit singing that song.” Todd said as he looked at Steve. “Every time we are launched from the space port you start singing. You can’t sing you know you can’t sing right?"

"You’re just jealous you don’t have my mad rapping skills." Steve rolled his eyes.

"Really? Really? That’s what I’m jealous about? Not for the fact that you’re sitting in the captain’s chair while I’m back here dealing with your back draft? Yes, I’m jealous of your rapping skills. That’s what I’m jealous of."

"Wow Todd, you really need to calm down. You remember what they did to you the last time you got all worked up about my rapping."

"And yet-- you STILL SING THAT SONG! You know what it does to me! I think you do it just so when we get there they have no choice but to tranq me!"

"Todd, cool it. Fine, I’ll stop. I didn’t know that I annoyed you so much."

"Of course you annoy me! Everyone in this place annoys me. I have no say over where I go what I do! All I want is to be on some slope somewhere eating grass and soaking up the sunshine, but no. I’m here. With you, with a rocket strapped to our tails and being hurled across space like a gigantic game of intergalactic ping pong. Why the heck are you laughing?"

"Intergalactic." Steve holds his breath trying not to laugh.



"I swear, I WILL END YOU!"

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