"At times I think my coffee and tea addictions truly drive my artistic energy. It’s a small sacrifice for the greater good."

Sunday Musing - Darkness

Posted: 7/22/12 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , , ,

     I sat there looking out the window, rain cleared and sun drizzled over the horizons like beams of hope touching sorrow laden grass. I hadn’t noticed he'd walked in until the smell of spiced apricots tickled my nose. 

     “William,” I said softly. My eyes slid from the horizon to the floor. As much as I wanted to hide it—he always made me nervous. 

      “I want you to come away with me,” he said with such conviction. There was no quiver in his tone. When I looked to him, his face was soft; with crow’s feet, I loved so dear crinkled around his eyes. Hazel and green glimmered back at me and I remembered why I would give up almost anything. It was neither the way he stood with such sure footedness and confidence nor how his lips proclaimed sweet nothings into my ear. It was that one night—when darkness fell quicker than we thought it would and the stars shown down on us like fireflies caught in the jar of night. 

     His head in my lap, I stroked his hair and in the cover of night we spoke of things we feared. And as the darkness lengthened, the moon began to rise; the truth came out as you gazed upward with those eyes. Fears turned to secrets and then to whispers for only lovers to hear. It was the night I fell in love. The night inhibitions were lost. Our facades ripped away by the pale moon’s glow.

                “Of course,” I said and he stole a kiss.