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28 Lessons Learned in 28 Years

Posted: 4/4/11 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: ,

I saw this the other day with someone who was 27 and I thought, since I'm turning 28 this year it would be a great list to put together. After all, we all know I'm on the backward slide to 30 maybe my experiences can help others.

  1. No matter how you try, bad designers keep designing
  2. Just because his car is hot doesn't mean you should drive both
  3. You have to like yourself before anyone else will like you
  4. If you can, always help someone else
  5. Your heart will break, be smashed, and crumble but your friends will hold it together for you
  6. Growing up is scary
  7. Eat dinner before looking for a new car. You'll never know when they'll let you back out of the dealership
  8. Time doesn't heal wounds, you just have to move on
  9. Talking to strangers is not all that bad
  10. If you don't know something, call an expert
  11. Laughter will get you through almost anything
  12. You can't control everything. If you are trying you'll never move forward
  13. Listen to your gut but think it through
  14. Don't tweet everything
  15. Don't buy a house
  16. Being single is a curse
  17. Being single is a blessing
  18. Great relationships, if ended, fuel massive creativity
  19. You always will have that "one" person that everyone is compared to
  20. You are allowed ice cream for breakfast if you're best friend broke up with their longtime "other" and is sleeping on your couch
  21. Dinner requires four hours of laughter between each course when with friends
  22. Pay for someone lunch
  23. Expect nothing from other people so you can be overjoyed when they do something
  24. If you have a bad feeling about something, trust it
  25. Share your pain
  26. If you've yet to be rejected you're not trying hard enough
  27. When in doubt, Google it
  28. It's okay to turn off your phone and email for a weekend