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Character Development

Posted: 6/24/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , ,

What happens when you come across information you don’t want to know?

I now understand the mindset of my mother when I told her I was moving out for the first time. Her typical response was, “Sure. Whatever.” That was the response six months before, three months before, and two months before. When I told her I’d put down a deposit on my apartment she looked at me in utter shock and said, “What? You never told me you were moving out!”

I ran into someone that we had mutual acquaintances. We talked for a good hour about many things, but the main subject being my significant other. By the end of the conversation I could tell that she was really upset. Not knowing why and being I didn’t know her very well, I didn’t pry. 

Now I get an email saying, “You need to think long and hard and then ask yourself if you really want to know why I’m upset.” Do I? I mean really, If it’s going to affect what I have going on, really? I don’t reply. It’s not important to me. She is not a friend, not even an acquaintance that I like, so let it go.

The next email, “or you can keep living in ignorance... and have him try to explain that I'm delusional (as he tried to say about you, yesterday)” I shake my head. This is not happening. I really think she wants a chick fight. I don’t bite. I don’t care. Maybe in six months I’ll look back and say, “What you never told me …” but for now I’m blissful living in ignorance.