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The importance of Twitter

Posted: 2/16/10 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: ,

So, yeah – crazy, almost two years ago I found a random twitter message from the Uncultured Project. It was something like, ‘does anyone know how to do illustrations in the John & Hank style.’ I replied saying it’s not that difficult of a style and yes I knew how to mimic it. That was the beginning of a brilliant relationship with Shawn. Of course I wanted to kill him when he told me that it was actually 11 portraits in the course of 6-10 hours. And since he was in Bangladesh I was working between the wee hours of sleep time. Still the project finished. I saw the results but had to wait until it was unveiled as it wasn’t my project to announce. 2009 came around as well as his Youtube corporate visit where I almost cried when I watched his video showing the final results. Then 2009 P4A (Project for Awesome) came and once more I was touched not only by Shawn’s work, but also because there sat my artwork on Youtube’s most discussed video’s front page. One word: Brilliant. This is the final sign, with all my portraits below and all because of a chance twitter reply.