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Science Fiction for Today's Writers

Posted: 6/29/09 | Written by Jeannie | Labels: , , ,

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Last night on 60 minutes there was a segment about mind reading. One of the professors mentioned the following, “I tell my students that there is no such thing as Science Fiction anymore. All the Science Fiction that I grew up reading has come into realization.” To me this is a sad statement about imagination in today’s society. It leads me to believe that one, while people are imagining what is next no one is taking the time to write brilliant and thought provoking Science Fiction. And two that administrators in schools are adding to this by stating the above.

I have really yet to read really good new Science Fiction novels/stories/novellas that are not linked somehow to Star Trek, Star Wars, or Stargate. It seems as if my generation is simply regurgitating old ideas that are classic -- yes, but original -- no. Science Fiction on television is becoming more and more brilliant while literature is sadly falling to the wayside. Really I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that reading in general is considered passé or that our voyeuristic side would rather watch someone else’s imagination at work, rather than thinking for ourselves. What really bothers me though is that professors such as the one I’ve quoted above -- think this is okay. It’s okay that his students believe that Science Fiction is a thing of the past. Without Science Fiction greats like Ray Bradbury, Jules Verne, & Galileo we would not have the scientific basis that encourages each of us to push further. To find that spot over the rainbow where technology has not caught up with our imagination. The day our imagination catches up, we might as well buy the farm.

However, I am not saying that technology that exceeds expectations should be out of the ordinary or even unheard of. What I am saying though, is that writer’s need to step up to the plate and realize that the world of fantasy – while a broader market – is just fantasy. Science Fiction can help shape and mold the minds of future generations. I for one would rather be known for writing visions of the future that are not so far off. Visions that could inspire someone to try and build something I’ve mentioned. Literature we consume, ingest, and take deep into our core. Would you rather it be something completely impossible or just improbable but doable?

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