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Fan Fiction

Posted: 5/11/09 | Written by Jeannie | Labels:

Fan fiction is one of those things where when it’s good it’s really awesome but when it’s bad which most is, well it’s really, really, really… bad. However, can be a useful tool to get people writing. It takes out all the really hard stuff, character development, world creation but leaves in the most important part a story. After all Timothy Zahn wrote Fan Fiction technically when he wrote his Star Wars Novels. And those are held in the highest regard by most Star Wars aficionados. The character’s were known, they were beloved by millions and yet Timothy’s stories made the novels unique.

Though, he did write other books and was loved by many people before he undertook the Star Wars project. Which many fan fic writers have not. They write it to have fun. And if it gets people to write there’s no harm. The harm is when you try to publish it. Twilight girl you know who you are.

I also think it’s like what Allie said last week about popcorn novels, if it’s the only thing you read or write then there’s a problem. It is lazy and doesn’t allow you to grow as a writer. However it can be fun and always helps to get your creative juices flowing. Plus if something I write inspires someone else to write, well that’s kind of cool. I would be flattered by it, unless you know, they want to publish it. Then I would probably have to read it and okay it and stuff.